Our Services

Our Services

Every dog is different - no matter the age or breed. And so are our packages.

We always start with an assessment prior to starting any session, where our experts will determine your situation and the dog’s behavior. We will then prepare a set of training sessions, customized to address your concerns and work towards an effective solution. 

We request your presence and dedication to the program to ensure you and your pet get the maximum benefits out of the sessions. Remember, your dog is a lifelong companion, and your commitment will guarantee the best life for both of you.

Our Services

Our expertise lies in

Behavioral therapy

We equip owners with the knowledge required to understand their dog’s body language and needs. This is the first step to knowing your dog and the best way to communicate with them.

Obedience training

With a primary focus on positive reinforcement techniques, this is a guide to creating a safe and trustworthy relationship so that your dog understands and listens to you.


Early socialization is important to balance your dog’s natural territorial instincts. This is achieved through monitored introductions to other dogs and people in a secure environment.

Home Training

This one-on-one approach allows your dog to be confident in familiar surroundings, respond to your commands, and be well-behaved, especially when someone is at the door.

Group Training

This one-on-one intensive approach helps dogs achieve good conduct in an environment full of distractions. This is designed to help you take your dog out and about in peace, whether it’s for a walk down the road or a visit to a dog-friendly venue.

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